Recognition for CyberTracker

CyberTracker has already enjoyed wide recognition for its achievements and role played in society over the years. Below is a summary of key awards bestowed on CyberTracker.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise




CyberTracker, the brainchild of 1998 Laureate Louis Liebenberg and Justin Steventon, is a handheld device originally developed to modernise the ancient skill of tracking. While it has proven highly successful for its original purpose, Liebenberg has discovered that its software has revolutionary potential to reduce some of the negative impacts of climate change; CyberTracker technology can monitor, predict and help prevent irreversible damage to our ecosystems.

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The Wildlife Society SETWG 2011 Award


The Spatial Ecology and Telemetry Working Group of the Wildlife Society honoured CyberTracker with their SETWG 2011 Award that recognizes professionals in the field of GIS or Telemetry who have made significant contributions to the field of wildlife biology.